Just Another Snake Oil?

by Heather Jennings, PE

For years, the wastewater industry has been plagued with products that meet only half the expectations of the users or make matters worse. I get it. I personally questioned the efficacy of Micro Carbon Technology® (MCT—the nutrient carrier for all our liquid nutrient and biostimulant products) when I started with Probiotic Solutions®. Because I was the Doubting Thomas of the group, I was assigned to conduct data analysis of projects and to work with our R&D group. My training is Chemical Engineering, so I was not looking for the easy answers. My customers deserve the best answers I can give them!

What I learned is that MCT is a nanomolecular carbon carrier that nutrients adsorb to. Everything from micronutrients—such as boron, cobalt, etc.—to macronutrients—such as phosphorus to blends of multiple nutrients. What I found is that, due to MCT, we can concentrate our solutions significantly and a little goes a long way! How many other products can add 1 gallon to 1 million gallons and change a whole activated sludge system around, remove foam, and build better flock?

Another great thing about the MCT is that it is a biostimulant itself. Meaning that when it interacts with the cell walls of the microbial community it creates a reaction that makes the microbial community consume more efficiently. Think of it as a “Red Bull” for microbes, and revved-up microbes mean better solids destruction! I’ve seen it happen multiple times in lagoons and activated systems across the United States, and I’m a believer. Although if you ask me what kind of snakes we use in our “snake oil,” I’ll tell you Diamondbacks: We make our products in Arizona, after all.

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