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(2) 2.5 Gallon Bottles

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Probiotic Solutions® SUPER POTASSIUM®, complexed with Micro Carbon Technology®, is a highly stable source of potassium for both wastewater and soil remediation. In wastewater, heterotrophic bacteria require potassium to assist in metabolizing biological oxygen demand (BOD). In soil remediation, SUPER POTASSIUM® will assist in increasing the number of bacteria, thereby improving soil physical condition and nutrient content.

Benefits of Use:

• Improved potassium bioavailability and uptake
• Resists tie-up with other ions in soil and water
• Is non-salt-forming and does not contain chloride
• Stimulation of biological activity for enhanced COD/BOD removal• Enhanced biological species diversity for better settleability
• Improved natural flock formation
• Improved SVI and SV30 for better, cleaner decant
• Improved overall treatment and system stability

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(2) 2.5 Gallon Bottles

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