The Water Break Podcast, Episode 24: Get Ahead on Lead—How to Tackle the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions

“Where We Bridge the Gap Between Water Plant Operators and Engineers”

In The Water Break Podcast Episode 24, Heather Jennings, PE, discusses the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) with guests from 120 Water (phone 1-888-317-1510), Marcus Hagberg and Lowell Huffman. Mr. Hagberg is an Account Manager and Mr. Huffman is Director of Strategic Partnerships at 120 Water. Both are very actively involved in helping water utilities get ahead of the challenges relating to new Lead and Copper Rule Revisions from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that govern funding and implementation of the initiative to remove dangerous lead pipes from our nation’s community water delivery systems.

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New Video: 8 Essential Products for Wastewater Bioremediation

In this video, Heather Jennings, PE, Director of Probiotic Solutions®, provides an introduction to 8 essential products for wastewater bioremediation.

Stimulating the growth and development of the correct microbial populations for processing wastewater contaminants has been our core business for over 45 years. In that time, we’ve developed a suite of 40 bioremediation products that are unsurpassed in the industry. The following 8 products are highlighted in the video:

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The Probiotic Solutions Product Quality Assurance Process

In this video, we show the scientific steps we take to make sure that all our Probiotic Solutions® liquid products are built according to specifications, are consistent from batch to batch, and are of the highest quality.

Video: BHN Company Values

In this 4-minute video, BHN President/CEO Lyndon Smith speaks with us about BHN’s Company Values—Integrity, Win-Win-Win, Proactive Innovation, Relentless Pursuit of Excellence—and their impact on how we conduct business, treat our customers, and benefit the world.


Our Humic Advantage

Humic substances, among the most wondrous products of nature, are the recycled essential residues of life. Plants harvest the sun’s energy and create life from that energy plus the carbon and oxygen they pull out of the air and the minerals they pull out of the soil. When plants die, all of their components are decomposed through the aid of microorganisms and mineralization, then returned to the soil as organic matter. Continue reading

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