Our Humic Advantage

Humic substances, among the most wondrous products of nature, are the recycled essential residues of life. Plants harvest the … [Continue Reading]

Lower Operating Costs with Super Phos®

Project Summary A paper mill wastewater treatment facility uses diammonium phosphate to maintain a healthy microbial … [Continue Reading]

Paper Mill Wastewater Treatment System

Are You Using Wastewater Bioindicators?

By Jael Batty Water quality can be evaluated quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively through the use of bioindicators. … [Continue Reading]


Healthy Bacteria Are Vital to Wastewater Treatment

By Jael Batty Activated sludge is a mixture of microorganisms that come in contact with and digest biodegradable materials … [Continue Reading]


Do Constructed Wetlands Improve Water Quality?

By Jael Batty Constructed wetlands, which mimic natural wetlands, treat municipal and industrial wastewater, mine … [Continue Reading]

Bio Energizer® Improves SVI by 50% at Citrus Plant Wastewater Treatment

A citrus plant struggled with poor settling in the clarifier of its wastewater treatment, which caused the sludge blanket to … [Continue Reading]

citrus production

Innovative Environmental Wastewater Solutions

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