The Water Break Podcast, Episode 25: Diving Deep into Water-Wastewater

“Where We Bridge the Gap Between Water Plant Operators and Engineers” In The Water Break Podcast Episode 25, Heather … [Continue Reading]

New Video: 8 Essential Products for Wastewater Bioremediation

https://vimeo.com/692034081 In this video, Heather Jennings, PE, Director of Probiotic Solutions®, provides an … [Continue Reading]

The Probiotic Solutions Product Quality Assurance Process

In this video, we show the scientific steps we take to make sure that all our Probiotic Solutions® liquid products are built … [Continue Reading]

Video: BHN Company Values

In this 4-minute video, BHN President/CEO Lyndon Smith speaks with us about BHN’s Company Values—Integrity, Win-Win-Win, … [Continue Reading]

Our Humic Advantage

Humic substances, among the most wondrous products of nature, are the recycled essential residues of life. Plants harvest the … [Continue Reading]

Innovative Environmental Wastewater Solutions

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