Micro Carbon Technology®

Delivering Nature’s Science™

MCT logo symbol-textured LR-2The base of all of our Probiotic Solutions® products and the secret to our high efficiency rates is Micro Carbon Technology®. It’s a proprietary blend of very small organic molecules that greatly enhance existing microbial activity in wastewater to reduce sludge, cut down on odor, and control BOD and COD levels.

The Origins of Micro Carbon Technology®

Mineral layers in actual mine

The beginning of our proprietary Micro Carbon Technology® can be traced back to 1973 when our scientists discovered a unique material in our company owned mine in the Northwestern United States. When applied to farm fields, this material improved both the soil’s fertility and the plants’ nutrient uptake. We now know this material to be mainly composed of very high quality leonardite. Leonardite is a soft, brown, oxygen-rich form of coal that is made up of decomposing plant matter and minerals.

Proprietary Extraction Process

Chemical Extraction System

Over the years since the discovery of the leonardite deposit, our scientists have developed a time-tested extraction process to refine our leonardite into small carbon and oxygen-rich organic molecules.

Using Micro Carbon Technology® as a base, we have developed many highly efficient products for wastewater and environmental solutions. Higher efficiency rates translates to significant cost-savings in a number of operational areas, such as dredging, aeration, sludge hauling and more. Other benefits include less odor, reduced foaming and maximized usability of lagoons (due to less downtime and greater capacity).

Micro Carbon Technology® Symbol

The symbol below is meant to serve as a graphical representation of the key aspects of what Micro Carbon Technology® encompasses.

Symbol Description:

    Micro Carbon Technology®

    Micro Carbon Technology®

  • The Gray Ring/ Carbon represents the carbon-rich nature of our technology.
  • The Blue Drop/ Water represents the beneficial effects the technology has on cleaning up water and wastewater through efficient microbial stimulation.
  • The Brown Drop/ Soil represents the benefits that the technology has on soil health, fertility, and structure.
  • The Green Drop/ Leaf symbolizes the tremendous benefits to plants that receive the technology as a delivery vehicle to efficiently uptake nutrients.

All the drops in clockwise motion in the central circle represent the interdependency of each drop on the others and the ongoing cycle of life within the Micro Carbon Technology®.

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