About Us

Bio Huma Netics, Inc. (BHN) was founded in 1973 by scientists Dr. Jordan Smith and Mr. Don Organ, who discovered a unique Leonardite deposit. This material, rich in organic acids, and minerals laid down over time in fresh water, when applied to farm soils improved soil conditions, increased the mineral content of plants and accelerated nutrient uptake.

By 1981, Dr. Smith and Mr. Organ had developed a process that we call Micro Carbon Technology® to extract very small molecules of organic acids, soluble minerals, and other beneficial components from their proprietary Leonardite. This base concentrate has valuable properties for soils, plants and water treatment. Our Micro Carbon Technology® is the unique foundation ingredient used in all BHN products to make them highly effective and efficient. This technology was then commercialized with the addition of other beneficial components to create over 70 products the company produces.

Probiotic Solutions® are concentrated liquid wastewater remediation products with our Micro Carbon Technology® as the base ingredient for maximum microbial stimulation in wastewater to reduce sludge, cut down on odor, and control Bio-Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Fat, Oil, Grease (FOG) levels. Today, Probiotic Solutions® is a growing company expanding its distribution nation-wide and world-wide.


The name “Bio Huma Netics” signifies the study and application of the relationship (Netics) between the Earth (Huma) and living organisms (Bio).

Our Vision

BHN is a global leader in providing sustainable solutions to the world’s environmental challenges for agriculture, horticulture, turf & ornamentals, water & wastewater, and associated engineered technologies through its constantly improving Micro Carbon Technology®.

Our Mission

Provide technologically-advanced and ecologically sustainable quality products and services that replenish the earth by restoring water quality, reviving soil fertility, renewing food and fiber value, and refocusing engineered technologies; while minimizing human environmental impact and thereby enhancing the quality of life world-wide.

Our Operating Values

BHN treasures quality relationships by honoring and valuing each person’s contributions toward success.
BHN asserts that honesty and integrity are the foundation for successful business and communications.
BHN focuses on “win-win” outcomes that foster a culture of synergy and mutual success.
BHN believes in an abundance mentality – when resources are properly managed everyone can share in the fruits of the harvest.

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