Probiotic Solutions® Wastewater Treatment Testimonials

“I love the product, I like how it works. I like how you can see it working, you can see the results almost immediately.”

“I have seen changes in using BIO ENERGIZER® as opposed to other stimulants… it’s phenomenal when it’s mixed with our system. It completely took care of our grease situation.”

“You can see that it changes the entire environment that it’s added to. I have a lot of faith in the product.”

“While I was adding it once a week or so, I got a 20% sludge reduction.”

“I think it was going to cost them about $120,000 and we were able to do the same thing for about $18,000 – $20,000.”

“This was the first spring I’ve not had some sort of upset condition: it’s as though weather patterns and seasonal flows don’t matter anymore. I’ll keep providing a maintenance dose going forward.”

“Thanks so much for your BIO GENESIS® product. Without the grease bubbles on the basin this winter I had no problems with the surface freezing, even when the temperature dropped to below zero.”

“It is as if the product is free, since I’ve been able to reduce my system dosing of alum and polymer.”


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