Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are Probiotic Solutions® products?
A. They are liquid biostimulants that accelerate the degradation of organic waste, by increasing microbial activity and balancing nutrients in the growth environment. Probiotic Solutions® products are used successfully in wastewater treatment systems to improve water quality and reduce operating costs. We also provide many products for bioremediation industries.

Q. What are the specific benefits of using Probiotic Solutions®?
A. Probiotic Solutions® products increase the throughput of treatment plants by reducing biosolids more quickly; improving settleability and promoting dissolved oxygen. That all translates to significant cost-savings in a number of operational areas, such as dredging, aeration, sludge hauling, adding polymers, and more. Other benefits include less odor, reduced foaming and maximized usability of lagoons; due to less downtime and greater capacity. Probiotic Solutions® also offer products for increasing microbial activity in soils, which aids in the breakdown of solvents, oils, chemicals and other carbon-based contaminants. With Probiotic Solutions® products, you even get easier regulatory compliance…and fewer headaches.

Q. Are Probiotic Solutions® products new technology?
A. Yes and no. The basic principle — increasing microbial activity to biodegrade certain materials — has obviously been around a long time, but Probiotic Solutions® products use newer, unique formulations to improve the process. In use since 1989, Probiotic Solutions® products are now applied extensively in both the wastewater and bioremediation industries around the world.

Q. How do Probiotic Solutions® products work in soil bioremediation?
A. As in wastewater, Probiotic Solutions® increase microbial activity in treated soils, which speeds the breakdown of solvents, oils, chemicals and other carbon-based contaminants. Probiotic Solutions® products restore the nutrient balance, help buffer toxins and stimulate existing microbes to aggressively remediate hydrocarbons, restore the natural ecosystem and degrade complex organic chemicals.

Q. How do Probiotic Solutions® products help with regulatory compliance?
A. By enhancing microbial action in wastewater, Probiotic Solutions® products make it easier for treatment facilities to meet NPDES limits, lower BOD/COD levels, improve SVIs and more. A better compliance record will then reduce the threats of fines, surcharges and other regulatory problems.

Q. What makes Probiotic Solutions® products unique or better?
A. Probiotic Solutions® products are broadspectrum biostimulants, developed to increase the metabolism, growth and activity of a wide range of microbes. Some products address only certain microbes or a specific link in the microbial food chain.

Q. What’s in Probiotic Solutions® products?
A. The products are natural compounds of mineral and plant extracts, organic acids, enzymes, vitamins and nutrients, in a special combination that provides an enriched growth environment for existing microorganisms.

Q. How do I know which products to use?
A. Our knowledgeable Probiotic Solutions® distributors are experienced in analyzing the specific needs of each wastewater system or soil contamination, and then recommending the optimal products to use. We also help operators to know the proper application of Probiotic Solutions® products.

Q. Where can I get Probiotic Solutions® products, or find a distributor?
A. Our products are available worldwide through a network of independent dealers and distributors who work directly with wastewater operators and engineers. Simply contact us or call us at 1-480-961-1220.

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