Microplex® BP

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Probiotic Solutions® now offers a line of microbial products to supplement the bio-systems of wastewater treatment facilities. With blends of specialized, naturally occurring microbes and other ingredients, our Microplex® products naturally enhance the biodegradation of wastewater by increasing the existing microbial population to improve aeration, odor control, phosphorous and nitrogen removal, and BOD/COD reduction.

These 100% safe, reliable, and stable bioaugmentation products enhance biological waste treatment systems’ ability to break down difficult-to-degrade organic compounds and handle highly variable wastewater environments, including heavy-process industries (refineries, chemical plants, pulp mills, textile plants, and steel mills); agriculture (farms, dairies, vineyards, and plantations); aquaculture (fish & shrimp aquaculture facilities); municipal sewage treatment and collection systems; residential septic systems; and commercial kitchens and institutions.


For Drain, Trap, Pump Station, and Sewer Maintenance (Solid)

MICROPLEX® BP comes in rugged, submersible solid forms (cakes) that slowly dissolve in a flow stream and release safe, naturally occurring microbes that reduce odor and improve fat, oil, and grease (FOG) degradation. The MICROPLEX® BP cakes are composed of biodegradable matrix material packed inside a durable, porous mesh netting. They are designed to be dropped into or suspended in lift stations, sewer lines, drains, grease traps, etc., by a line or rope. MICROPLEX® BP cakes contain only environmentally safe, naturally occurring microbes. The microbes are specially selected for their ability to break down (not just dissolve) the organic contaminants common in food preparation, manufacturing, and domestic wastewaters. The cakes are available in several sizes to efficiently and cost-effectively meet the needs of every application.

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