Recovering Wastewater Treatment Activated Sludge Systems After Hurricane Irma

By Heather Jennings, PE

Hurricane Irma hit Southern Florida in early September as a Category 5 hurricane with winds of 180 miles per hour.  Due to flooding and lack of power, millions of gallons of untreated or partially treated wastewater were spilled or discharged from overwhelmed systems (see Washington Post article).

Florida is already dealing with an aging infrastructure and flat terrain that requires systems to use electricity-dependent lift stations. From what I’ve seen in the field, even a day without power can negatively impact activated sludge systems, and prolonged power loss can result in the death of the whole biomass, rendering such systems ineffectual!

Probiotic Solutions® has products that can help activated sludge systems recover more quickly. Our MICROPLEX™ JS product is capable of reseeding systems with a two-part formulation of a live synergistic blend of natural, Class I bacteria, specifically chosen for their ability to rapidly degrade solids, fats, lipids, proteins, detergents, hydrocarbons, and other compounds. Our MICROPLEX™ N product is formulated to enhance the nitrification process under toxic, inhibitory, or cold weather conditions and specifically to reseed nitrifying systems and maintain the nitrification process.

Contact a Probiotic Solutions® representative for recommended dosing.

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  • Twofishfamily HeritageBreed Farm says:

    Class B Bio Sludge is human waste that has been labeled fertlizer. Florida’s agricultural have been turned into human waste dumps. The sludge is DEREGULATED unaccounted for tons of sludge that holds pathogens and bacteria. Have been being dumped onto what once were farm lands that surround The Floridian Aquafer. The was is not contained and is applied to low laying area. I have photos of Peavine RD in Kenansville FL that have Health Department notices posted Class B Bio sludge human access denied. Across the dirt rd are signs turn around don’t drown when flooded. With this human waste being hauled in by the truck load. To thousands of agricultural acres. Uncontained and contaminating the creeks swamps lakes rives and into the ocean. It seems obvious that there should be a focas to contain or stop this horrific abuse of Florida ecosystem. After all it is the sludge that has been removed from the septic’s and collection stations that is being openly in unaccounted for amounts since 2010! HELP can your formula fix this?

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